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Who are we?

Volunteers who have been trained and certified to organize, conduct and adjudicate Luge races in Canada and Internationally including FIL World Cups, FIL World Championships and at the Olympic Games. Including both Olympic Luge, based in Calgary at COP and in Whistler B.C. home of the 2010 Olympics; and Natural Luge, which is enjoyed at many natural tracks through out Canada.

Volunteers who enjoy the outdoors, competition, contributing to an athletic community and believe in fairness and equity in competition. Combined with the camaraderie of participating with a great group of other like-minded volunteers who really enjoy what they do.

How do I get involved?

The first step is to contact the CLA office to register for the next available Provincial Luge Officials Course. This is a very good introduction to the rules and procedures governing the sport of luge and is also a great way for parents of new luge athletes to gain an understanding of the sport. Email for more information.

What next?

After the initial training you will quickly be pressed into service at one of our provincial races. There you will be given an assignment to work as a Shadow with an experienced official who will mentor you in a particular role for that race. This process is repeated in different roles at different races until you are ready to perform a function without a mentor, giving you an all-round perspective of what goes into a race.

For those who are so inclined and with at least one-year experience, the opportunity exists to move up to ever more responsible roles, including race leadership by successfully completing the Canadian National Luge Officials Course, a 2-day course. With this certification and appropriate experience you will be able to competently take on race leadership roles at Provincial and National level races as well as work non-leadership roles at FIL World Cup races.

The FIL International Judge certification is the highest level in luge and with the appropriate level of experience you can work all functions including race leadership at World Cups and Olympic Games. To be eligible for consideration at this level you will have to have had at least 3 years experience, clearly demonstrated and practised leadership skills at the National level.

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