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2019/20 Participant Registration

Use the form below to register as a Luge participant for this season.  

Your membership is active until March 31.

You can also register by email or in person using the downloadable registration form.

After you complete this form, you'll be taken to Paypal to pay the $5 registration fee (+ $0.46 paypal fee), if applicable, and then your registration will be complete.

If you have completed the Respect in Sport program please provide the completion date, certificate # and complete the form.  No additional fee is required.


A Registered Participant - any of the following who have applied for registration as a participant with the Association, who have agreed to abide by the Association's by-laws, policies, rules and regulations and who have been accepted as a Registered Participant with the Association:

  1. A "Club" which is defined as an organized Luge Club registered with a Provincial Member of the Association, with goals and objectives similar to the Association;
  2. Any "Individual", who is an athlete, parent, coach, official, administrator who is registered with a Luge Club and/or Provincial Member, and/or the Association, whose main objective is participation in Luge.


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Privacy Act:

This information is collected under the authority of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. It is required to register you as a Registered Participant of the Canadian Luge Association. Medical information will only be used in a medical emergency.


"In consideration of my involvement with the Canadian Luge Association and its members, I hereby indemnify and save harmless the Canadian Luge Association and any members thereof from all claims of every nature and cause however caused, which may arise from my membership in or involvement with the Canadian Luge Association."

I have read the above Privacy Act statement and the above Waiver statement. Enter your name below to indicate agreement:

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