Luge Canada

Alex Gough

Events: Singles
Birth Date:May 12, 1987
Hometown:Calgary, Alberta
Residence:Calgary, Alberta
Junior Team:2 years
Senior Team:13 years
Personal Sponsors:Pinecrest Energy Inc.; Canaccord Genuity


Alex Gough came agonizingly close to making history at her third trip to the Olympic Winter Games in 2014 when she finished fourth in the women’s singles event. To compound the heartbreak, she and her teammates also finished fourth once again days later in the team relay event, which made its Olympic debut in Sochi, Russia.

While Gough was shut out of the Olympic medals, she is determined to reach her ultimate goal of standing on the podium in sport’s biggest stage. Over the last quadrennial, Alex has continued ripping up the international luge circuit where she is one of the top sliders in the world. After racing condensed seasons in the first two years after Sochi where she had balanced training and competition with engineering school at the University of Calgary, Alex was back on the team full time last year and has been a regular in the medal mix.

Alex made history when she became the first Canadian luge athlete to win a World Cup race when she accomplished the feat in Paramonovo, Russia. Her victory ended the German’s 105-consecutive winning streak on the World Cup. She added another golden chapter to the history books when she became the first Canadian to win a Luge World Cup on home ice when she slid to the top step of the podium in Calgary in 2012. Gough has done nearly it all. She is also the first Canadian to win multiple World Championship and World Cup medals in the sport.

Five years ago she won her second bronze medal at the World Championships before joining her teammates in a silver-medal victory in the World Championship team relay. Gough and her Canadian mates also won bronze medals at the 2016 and 2015 World Championships in the relay event.

A graduate of Calgary's National Sport School, Alex discovered the sport when her mom signed her up for a recruitment camp at Canada Olympic Park, and is determined to continue progressing her way up the international rankings. Outside of luge, Alex enjoys reading, skiing, scuba diving, water sports, mountain biking, hiking and playing the guitar.

Career Highlights

2017 – World Championships, Igls, AUT: 6 (individual), 6 (relay)

2016 – World Cup, Whistler, CAN: 1

2016 – World Cup, Park City, USA: 3

2016 – World Cup, Lake Placid, USA: 3

2016 – World Cup, Winterberg, GER: 3

2016 – World Championships, Konigssee, GER: 3 (team relay)

2015 – World Cup, Igls, AUT: 3

Finished second overall on the 2013-14 World Cup circuit

2015 – World Championships, Sigulda, LAT: 3 (team relay)

2015 – World Cup, Calgary, CAN: 2

2015 – World Cup, Konigssee, GER: 2 (singles), 3 (team relay)

2015 – World Cup, Lillehammer, NOR: 2

2014 – Olympic Winter Games, Sochi, Russia: 4 (singles); 4 (team relay)

2014 – World Cup, Sigulda, LAT: 2

2014 – World Cup, Altenberg, GER: 2

2014 – World Cup, Konigssee, GER: 3

2013 – World Cup, Park City, USA: 3

2013 – World Cup, Whistler, CAN: 2

2013 – World Cup, Lillehammer, NOR: 3

Finished fourth overall on the 2012-13 World Cup

2013 – World Championships, Whistler, B.C: 3 (women’s singles), 2 (team relay)

2013 – World Cup, Lake Placid, USA: 3

2012 – World Cup, Konigssee, GER: 3

2012 – World Cup, IGLS, AUT: 3

2012 – World Cup, Konigssee, GER: 3

2012 – World Cup, Calgary, CAN: 1

2012 – World Cup, Igls, AUT: 3

2012 – World Cup, Konigssee, GER: 3

2012 – World Championships, Altenberg, GER: 4

2011 – World Championships, Cesana, ITA: 3

2011 – World Cup, Paramonovo, RUS: 1

2011 – World Cup, Konigssee, GER: 3

2011 – World Cup, Altenberg, GER: 4

2011 – World Cup, Sigulda, LAT: 4

2010 – World Cup, Salt Lake City, USA: 3

2010 – World Cup Winterberg, GER: 3

2010 – World Cup, Igls, AUT: 4

2010 – World Cup, Cesana, ITA: 4

2010 – Olympic Winter Games, Whistler, CAN: 18

2009 - World Championships, Lake Placid, USA: 4

2006 - Olympic Winter Games, Torino: 20

2006 - Canadian Championships: 3

2005 - Junior World Championships, Winterberg: 4

2004 - Junior World Cup, Sigulda: 2

Past Results

2017/2018 Season

Feb. 15PyeongChang Olympics2
Feb. 13PyeongChang Olympics3
Jan. 28Sigulda World Cup Sprint10
Jan. 28Sigulda World Cup9
Jan. 28Sigulda Team Relay6
Jan. 21Lillehammer World Cup11
Jan. 21Lillehammer World Cup Sprint9
Jan. 14Oberhof World Cup7
Jan. 14Oberhof Team Relay7
Jan. 7Konigssee World Cup6
Jan. 7Konigssee Team Relay5
Dec. 16Lake Placid World Cup2
Dec. 16Lake Placid World Cup Sprint2
Dec. 9Calgary World Cup2
Dec. 9Calgary America Pacific Championships1
Dec. 9Calgary Team Relay2
Dec. 3Altenberg World Cup4
Dec. 3Altenberg Team Relay4
Nov. 26Winterberg World Cup Sprint8
Nov. 26Winterberg World Cup10
Nov. 19Innsbruck World Cup4
Nov. 19Innsbruck Team Relay2
Oct. 14Calgary Canadian Championships1

2016/2017 Season

Feb. 26Altenberg World Cup6
Feb. 26Altenberg Team Relay5
Feb. 19PyeongChang World Cup14
Feb. 19PyeongChang Team Relay6
Feb. 5Oberhof World Cup10
Jan. 29Innsbruck FIL World Championships5
Jan. 29Innsbruck FIL World Championship Team Relay6
Jan. 15Sigulda World Cup13
Jan. 6Konigssee World Cup6
Jan. 6Konigssee Team Relay4
Dec. 17Park City World Cup Sprint5
Dec. 17Park City America Pacific Championships3
Dec. 17Park City World Cup3
Dec. 10Whistler World Cup1
Dec. 3Lake Placid World Cup3
Nov. 27Winterberg World Cup Sprint13
Nov. 25Winterberg World Cup10
Oct. 22Whistler Canadian Championships1

2015/2016 Season

Jan. 31Konigssee FIL World Championship Team Relay3
Jan. 31Konigssee FIL World Championships10
Jan. 31Konigssee FIL World Championships9
Jan. 17Oberhof World Cup Sprint15
Jan. 17Oberhof World Cup10
Jan. 10Sigulda World Cup8
Jan. 10Sigulda World Cup5
Dec. 18Calgary America Pacific Championships4
Dec. 16Calgary World Cup6
Dec. 12Park City World Cup Sprint5
Dec. 12Park City World Cup6
Nov. 29Igls World Cup3
Nov. 29Igls World Cup5

2014/2015 Season

Feb. 15Sigulda FIL World Championship Team Relay3
Feb. 15Sigulda FIL World Championships5
Feb. 1Lillehammer World Cup2
Feb. 1Lillehammer Team Relay4
Jan. 24Winterberg World Cup5
Jan. 18Oberhof Team Relay4
Jan. 18Oberhof World Cup4
Jan. 5Konigssee World Cup2
Jan. 5Konigssee Team Relay3
Dec. 13Calgary World Cup Sprint1
Dec. 12Calgary World Cup2

2013/2014 Season

Feb. 15Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics4
Feb. 11Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games4
Jan. 27Overall World Cup Ranking 2
Jan. 27Overall WC Team Relay 2
Jan. 26Sigulda World Cup2
Jan. 19Altenberg Relay World Cup2
Jan. 19Altenberg World Cup2
Jan. 12Oberhof World Cup5
Jan. 5Konigsee (2) Relay World Cup2
Jan. 5Konigssee World Cup3
Dec. 14Park City World Cup4
Dec. 14Park City World Cup3
Dec. 7Whistler World Cup2
Dec. 7Whistler World Cup2
Dec. 1Winterberg World Cup4
Nov. 24Igls World Cup7
Nov. 24Igls Relay World Cup2
Nov. 17Lillehammer World Cup3

2012/2013 Season

Feb. 24Sochi World Cup6
Feb. 24Sochi Relay World Cup3
Feb. 9Lake Placid World Cup3
Feb. 9Lake Placid Relay World Cup4
Feb. 2Whistler World Champs3
Feb. 2Whistler World Champs2
Jan. 20Winterberg World Cup6
Jan. 13Oberhof World Cup5
Jan. 6Kognisee (2) World Cup4
Dec. 9Altenberg Relay World Cup7
Dec. 9Altenberg World Cup4
Dec. 2Konigsee World Cup3
Nov. 25Igls Relay World Cup2
Nov. 25Igls World Cup3
Oct. 21Fast Track Capital Canadian Championships1

2011/2012 Season

Feb. 12Sigulda World Cup9
Jan. 22Winterberg Relay World Cup8
Jan. 22Winterberg World Cup5
Jan. 15Oberhof Relay World Cup4
Jan. 15Oberhof World Cup4
Jan. 7Konigssee Relay World Cup6
Jan. 7Konigssee World Cup3
Dec. 17Calgary World Cup1
Dec. 10Whistler World Cup4
Dec. 10Whistler Relay World Cup2
Nov. 20Igls World Cup3
Nov. 20Igls Relay World Cup1
Nov. 5 Canadian Championships1

2010/2011 Season

Oct. 29Fast Track Capital Canadian Championships1

2009/2010 Season

Feb. 28 Olympics18
Jan. 31Viessmann World Cup4
Jan. 17Viessmann World Cup12
Jan. 10Viessmann World Cup6
Jan. 3Viessmann World Cup12
Dec. 6Viessmann World Cup12
Nov. 29Viessmann World Cup4
Nov. 21Viessmann World Cup6

2008/2009 Season

Feb. 8 FIL World Championships4
Jan. 25 World Cup10
Jan. 18Viessmann World Cup15
Jan. 11Viessmann World Cup7
Jan. 4Viessmann World Cup9
Dec. 14Viessmann World Cup7
Dec. 7Viessmann World Cup15
Nov. 30Viessmann World Cup99

2006/2007 Season

Feb. 11 World Cup19
Feb. 4 World Cup18
Jan. 28 Jr. World Cup6
Jan. 21 World Cup20
Jan. 14 World Cup23
Jan. 7 World Cup17
Dec. 9 World Cup99
Dec. 2 World Cup13
Nov. 19 World Cup99

2005/2006 Season

Feb. 12 XX Olympics20
Jan. 15 World Cup15
Dec. 17 World Cup19
Dec. 10 World Cup11
Nov. 27 World Cup19
Nov. 20 World Cup21

2004/2005 Season

Feb. 20 World Cup30
Dec. 5 Jr. World Cup9

2003/2004 Season

Feb. 1 Jr. World Cup20
Jan. 11 Jr. World Cup4
Dec. 29 Jr. Canadian3
Dec. 21 Jr. World Cup4
Dec. 14 Jr. World Cup2
Dec. 7 Jr. World Cup1
Oct. 26 Canadian5

2002/2003 Season

Jan. 19Verizon Jr. World Cup5
Jan. 11Karbon Jr. World Cup7
Jan. 5Karbon Jr. Canadian2
Nov. 10Karbon Canadian4

2000/2001 Season

Dec. 3Husky/Mohawk Alberta Cup2