Luge Canada

Kimberley McRae

Birth Date:May 24, 1992
Junior Team:4 years
Senior Team:8 years
Personal Sponsors:Communications and Training, Alberta Sport Connection
Occupation:Athlete/Part time student
Other Interests:Soccer, Reading, Scuba Diving, and Boogie Boarding

A love of sport, Kim found her way into the sport of luge while attending a ski show in Calgary in 2004 where the Canadian Luge Association set up a booth to introduce Canadians to the unique sliding sport. She hopped on the wheel sled and demonstrated the start on the travelling ramp…that was enough as she has been hooked ever since.

A talented athlete, Kim has made a quick and steady progression in the sport evolving from a little girl trying to stay on her sled to a high-performance athlete became just the second Canadian ever to win an individual medal at the 2017 World Championships when she was third.

Making her Olympic debut in Sochi, Russia with an impressive fifth-place finish, Kim shocked the world during the Olympic year when she slid onto the World Cup podium in Altenberg, Germany. Kim finished third – her teammate Alex Gough won the gold. It was the first time ever in the history of luge that two Canadians were on the same World Cup podium. The duo were both celebrating medals again two years ago when Kim won the silver, and Alex the bronze at a World Cup stop in Lake Placid, NY. She was also part of Canada’s gold-medal winning relay team on that historic weekend in New York.

The new leader of the women’s luge squad, Kim matched her fifth-place performance at the Olympics again in PyeongChang 2018. Kim is now focused on continuing to build towards the 2022 Olympic Winter Games, while studying nursing at Mount Royal University.

When not training or studying, Kim enjoys spending time with family and friends in order to balance her life. She enjoys fishing, hiking and travelling to remote places whenever she can leave city life behind.

Career Highlights

2018 – Olympic Winter Games, PyeongChang, KOR: 5
2018 – World Cup, Lake Placid, USA: 3
2018 – World Cup, Calgary, CAN: 4
2017 – World Championships, Igls, AUT: 3
2017 – World Cup, Pyeongchang, KOR: 6
2017 – World Cup, Oberhof, GER: 5 (individual), 4 (team relay)
2017 – World Cup, Sigulda, LAT: 5 (individual), 6 (team relay)
2016 – World Cup, Lake Placid, USA: 2 (individual), 1 (team relay)
2016 – World Cup, Winterberg, GER: 6
2016 – World Cup, Altenberg, GER: 5
2015 – World Cup, Calgary, CAN: 5
2015 – World Cup, Altenberg, GER: 6
2014 – World Cup, Igls, AUT: 6
2014 – World Cup, Calgary, CAN: 7
2014 – Olympic Winter Games, Sochi, RUS: 5
2014 – World Cup, Sigulda, LAT: 6
2014 – World Cup, Altenberg, GER: 3
2014 – World Cup, Konigssee, GER: 5
2013 – World Championships, Whistler, CAN: 7
2013 – Fast Track Canadian Championships, Whistler, CAN: 3
2012 – World Cup, Sochi, RUS: 9
2012 – World Cup, Winterberg, GER: 9
2012 – World Cup, Konigssee, GER: 8
2012 – World Cup, Winterberg, GER: 9
2011 – World Cup, Calgary, CAN: 7
2011- Fast Track Canadian Championships: 3
2011- Junior Canadian Championships: 1
Forerunning 2010 Olympic Winter Games
2009- Junior World cup Altenberg, GER: 3

Past Results

2018/2019 Season

Jan. 27Winterberg FIL World Championships5
Jan. 26Winterberg FIL World Championships14
Dec. 16Lake Placid World Cup7
Dec. 16Lake Placid World Cup Sprint9
Dec. 16Lake Placid America Pacific Championships4
Dec. 8Calgary World Cup3
Dec. 8Calgary Team Relay6

2017/2018 Season

Feb. 13PyeongChang Olympics5
Jan. 28Sigulda World Cup11
Jan. 28Sigulda World Cup Sprint11
Jan. 21Lillehammer World Cup17
Jan. 14Oberhof World Cup10
Dec. 16Lake Placid World Cup3
Dec. 16Lake Placid World Cup Sprint6
Dec. 9Calgary America Pacific Championships2
Dec. 9Calgary World Cup4
Dec. 3Altenberg World Cup16
Nov. 26Winterberg World Cup7
Nov. 26Winterberg World Cup Sprint13
Nov. 19Innsbruck World Cup8
Oct. 14Calgary Canadian Championships2

2016/2017 Season

Feb. 26Altenberg World Cup11
Feb. 19PyeongChang World Cup6
Feb. 5Oberhof World Cup5
Feb. 5Oberhof Team Relay4
Jan. 29Innsbruck FIL World Championships3
Jan. 29Innsbruck FIL World Championships7
Jan. 15Sigulda Team Relay6
Jan. 15Sigulda World Cup Sprint11
Jan. 15Sigulda World Cup Sprint13
Jan. 15Sigulda World Cup5
Jan. 6Konigssee World Cup11
Dec. 17Park City America Pacific Championships5
Dec. 17Park City World Cup7
Dec. 17Park City World Cup Sprint7
Dec. 10Whistler World Cup19
Dec. 3Lake Placid World Cup2
Dec. 3Lake Placid Team Relay1
Nov. 27Winterberg World Cup Sprint10
Nov. 25Winterberg World Cup6
Oct. 22Whistler Canadian Championships2

2015/2016 Season

Feb. 21Winterberg World Cup14
Feb. 14Altenberg World Cup5
Feb. 14Altenberg World Cup2
Jan. 31Konigssee FIL World Championships11
Jan. 31Konigssee FIL World Championships11
Jan. 17Oberhof World Cup Sprint14
Jan. 17Oberhof World Cup14
Jan. 10Sigulda World Cup12
Dec. 19Calgary World Cup Sprint9
Dec. 18Calgary America Pacific Championships3
Dec. 16Calgary World Cup5
Dec. 12Park City World Cup14
Dec. 12Park City World Cup Sprint10
Dec. 5Lake Placid World Cup4
Dec. 5Lake Placid World Cup14
Nov. 29Igls World Cup11
Oct. 31Whistler Canadian Championships1

2014/2015 Season

Feb. 22Altenberg World Cup Sprint7
Feb. 22Altenberg World Cup6
Feb. 15Sigulda FIL World Championships12
Feb. 1Lillehammer World Cup8
Jan. 24Winterberg World Cup11
Jan. 18Oberhof World Cup12
Jan. 5Konigssee World Cup9
Dec. 13Calgary World Cup Sprint8
Dec. 12Calgary World Cup7
Dec. 6Lake Placid Team Relay4
Dec. 6Lake Placid World Cup11
Nov. 30Igls World Cup Sprint8
Nov. 30Igls World Cup6

2013/2014 Season

Feb. 11Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games5
Jan. 27Overall World Cup Ranking 9
Jan. 26Sigulda World Cup6
Jan. 19Altenberg World Cup3
Jan. 12Oberhof World Cup14
Jan. 5Konigssee World Cup5
Dec. 14Park City World Cup10
Dec. 7Whistler World Cup11
Dec. 1Winterberg World Cup10
Nov. 24Igls World Cup24
Nov. 17Lillehammer World Cup18

2012/2013 Season

Feb. 24Sochi World Cup9
Feb. 9Lake Placid World Cup12
Jan. 20Winterberg World Cup9
Jan. 13Oberhof World Cup17
Jan. 6Kognisee (2) World Cup8
Dec. 9Altenberg World Cup11
Nov. 25Igls World Cup13
Oct. 21Fast Track Capital Canadian Championships3

2011/2012 Season

Jan. 22Winterberg World Cup9
Jan. 15Oberhof World Cup19
Jan. 7Konigssee World Cup13
Dec. 17Calgary World Cup7
Dec. 10Whistler World Cup11
Nov. 20Igls World Cup12
Nov. 6 Canadian Championships1
Nov. 5 Canadian Championships3

2010/2011 Season

Oct. 29Fast Track Capital Canadian Championships3

2009/2010 Season

Jan. 31 FIL Junior World Championships99
Jan. 23 Jr. World Cup9
Jan. 16 Jr. World Cup6

2008/2009 Season

Jan. 24 Jr World Cup7
Jan. 17 Jr. World Cup3
Dec. 28 Jr. Canadian4
Dec. 13 Jr World Cup6
Dec. 6 Jr World Cup5
Nov. 22 Jr. World Cup4

2007/2008 Season

Jan. 25 Jr. World Cup4
Jan. 18 Jr. World Cup5
Dec. 15 Jr. World Cup7
Dec. 8 Jr. World Cup13
Dec. 1 Jr. World Cup99
Nov. 24 Jr. World Cup23