Luge Canada

Mitchel Malyk

Events: Doubles
Team Next Gen Team
Birth Date:October 7, 1995
Hometown:Calgary, Alberta
Residence:Calgary, Alberta
Junior Team:3 years
Senior Team:5 years


Mitchel Malyk spent his first full season on the World Cup circuit in 2013-14. He also made his Olympic debut with a 26th place finish in the men’s singles event at Sochi 2014.

Mitchel built on that Olympic experience to where he is now taking significant steps ahead on the World Cup circuit. Now a key member of Canada’s team relay strategy, Mitchel was part of Canada’s bronze-medal winning squad in the relay event at the 2016 World Championships – just weeks before climbing to the top of the team relay podium in Winterberg, Germany.

Mitchel got his first taste of the Olympic experience when he competed at the 2012 Youth Olympic Winter Games in Innsbruck where he was the top Canadian luger thanks to his fifth place finish. He competed on the Junior World Cup circuit in 2012-13, but made his senior world championship debut on the home track in Whistler where he finished 25th. The time he posted also placed him fourth in the under-23 world championships.

Mitchel started in luge at age 12. He was drawn by the speed of the sport and the opportunities it provided to travel. Off the track he enjoys golf, tennis, hockey and wakeboarding. He graduated high school in 2013. His favourite Olympic memory is watching the men’s hockey team win gold at Vancouver 2010. Mitchel is inspired by teammate Sam Edney from whom he has learned a lot. He collects drink coasters during his travels.

Career Highlights

2017 – World Championships, Igls, AUT: 25

2017 – World Cup, Konigssee, GER: 13 (individual), 4 (team relay)

2016 – World Championships, Konigssee, GER: 12 (individual), 3 (team relay)

2016 – World Cup, Altenberg, GER: 12

2016 – World Cup, Winterberg, GER: 14 (individual), 1 (team relay)

2015 – World Cup, Calgary, CAN: 10

2014 – World Cup, Calgary, CAN: 9

2014 – Olympic Winter Games, Sochi, RUS: 26

2013 – World Championships, Whistler, B.C.: 25

2011 – Youth World Cup, Park City, USA: 2

2011 – Youth World Cup, Park City, USA: 1

2011 – Youth World Cup, Calgary, CAN: 4

2012 – Youth World Cup, Winterberg, GER: 2

2012 – Youth Olympic Games, Igls, AUT: 5

Past Results

2017/2018 Season

Feb. 11PyeongChang Olympics16
Jan. 21Lillehammer World Cup26
Jan. 14Oberhof World Cup29
Jan. 7Konigssee World Cup21
Jan. 7Konigssee Team Relay5
Dec. 16Lake Placid World Cup15
Dec. 16Lake Placid World Cup Sprint13
Dec. 8Calgary World Cup4
Dec. 8Calgary America Pacific Championships2
Dec. 3Altenberg World Cup23
Dec. 3Altenberg Team Relay4
Nov. 26Winterberg World Cup20
Nov. 19Innsbruck World Cup29
Nov. 19Innsbruck Team Relay2
Oct. 14Calgary Canadian Championships2

2016/2017 Season

Feb. 19PyeongChang World Cup25
Feb. 5Oberhof World Cup28
Jan. 15Sigulda World Cup23
Jan. 6Konigssee World Cup13
Jan. 6Konigssee Team Relay4
Dec. 17Park City World Cup18
Dec. 10Whistler World Cup23
Dec. 3Lake Placid World Cup26
Nov. 25Winterberg World Cup16
Oct. 22Whistler Canadian Championships2

2015/2016 Season

Feb. 21Winterberg World Cup1
Feb. 21Winterberg World Cup14
Feb. 14Altenberg World Cup12
Feb. 14Altenberg World Cup2
Jan. 31Konigssee FIL World Championship Team Relay3
Jan. 31Konigssee FIL World Championships8
Jan. 31Konigssee FIL World Championships12
Jan. 31Konigssee FIL World Championships5
Jan. 17Oberhof World Cup27
Jan. 10Sigulda World Cup22
Jan. 10Sigulda World Cup5
Dec. 19Calgary World Cup10
Dec. 19Calgary World Cup Sprint4
Dec. 19Calgary America Pacific Championships3
Dec. 12Park City World Cup19
Dec. 5Lake Placid World Cup4
Dec. 5Lake Placid World Cup22
Nov. 29Igls World Cup16
Nov. 29Igls World Cup5
Oct. 31Whistler Canadian Championships2

2014/2015 Season

Jan. 5Konigssee World Cup20
Dec. 13Calgary World Cup Sprint9
Dec. 13Calgary World Cup9
Dec. 6Lake Placid World Cup16
Dec. 6Lake Placid Team Relay4

2013/2014 Season

Feb. 10Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games26
Dec. 14Park City World Cup19
Dec. 7Whistler World Cup19
Dec. 1Winterberg World Cup23
Nov. 24Igls World Cup23

2012/2013 Season

Jan. 25Visit Calgary Jr. World Cup5
Jan. 25Visit Calgary Jr. World Cup5
Dec. 16Konisgssee Jr. World Cup15
Dec. 8Lillehammer Jr. World Cup7
Oct. 21Fast Track Capital Canadian Championships2

2011/2012 Season

Feb. 4 Jr. World Cup8
Jan. 28 Jr. World Cup2
Dec. 11 Jr. World Cup6
Nov. 23 Jr. World Cup1
Nov. 20 Jr. World Cup2
Nov. 5 Canadian Championships2

2010/2011 Season

Oct. 29Fast Track Capital Canadian Championships7

-1/ Season

Dec. 31 8