Luge Canada

Devin Wardrope

Men's Doubles
Team National A Team
Birth Date:August 9, 2002

A self-described adrenaline junkie, Devin loved sports but couldn’t find one that suited his desire for speed. His parents enrolled him in various sports like soccer, wrestling, track and field, and karate, but none quite captured his passion.

Enter luge!

When he was 11 years old in 2013, his life took a thrilling turn after his parents encouraged him to take a luge recruitment camp in Calgary. As he cautiously laid down in the sled, and took his first turns down the icy chute in Calgary, he discovered his calling. Devin found an immediate connection with the individuality of the sport, the speed and the adrenaline rush it provides.

A week later, his parents received a call that changed the course of his life. He was invited to train in luge full time.

Fast forward a decade and Devin is still deeply committed to the sport. He understands the privilege of representing Canada on the international stage and believes it is a dream come true.

Driven to achieve his Olympic dream and medal at a home World Cup, Devin is part of talented doubles duo with Cole Zajanski who are now ready to mix it up with the world’s best. His most cherished sliding moment in his young career came in 2022-23 when he and Cole missed a podium finish by .020 seconds at the Whistler World Cup. The adrenaline rush and electricity they felt on the track was indescribable and has motivated them to dig deeper, push faster in their podium pursuit.

Did You Know: The Olympic Track in Beijing, China holds a special place in Devin’s heart. It marked a significant milestone in his young career as it was the site of his first-ever top-10 finish, a moment that reaffirmed Zajanski-Wardrope’s competitiveness on the international stage. Beyond the athletic achievement, he marvels at the architecture of the facility and its unique design which presents a captivating challenge….A lesser-known fact about Devin is he has a deep passion for road trips. Devin takes every opportunity to embark on an adventure, hopping into the car and hitting the open road to explore new places through the windshield….If he wasn’t sliding he would be pursuing an education. Post-secondary education is also important to him. While he takes courses through Athabasca University, he hopes after luge he will continue to further his studies and delve into the world of learning and travelling.

Outside of Sport: Devin enjoys psychology and studying how the brain works. In his free time, he enjoys photography, 3D printing/CAD Design, playing games, fixing things, working on his car, spending time with friends, and watching movies.

Career Highlights

2020 – World Cup, Altenberg, GER: 13 (doubles)
2019 – Canadian Junior Championships, Whistler, CAN: 4
2019 – Canadian Youth Championships, Calgary, CAN: 2, 1 
2019 – Junior World Cup, Winterberg, GER: 16
2019 – Junior World Championships, Igls, AUT: 21, 16
2019 – Junior World Cup, St. Moritz, SUI: 7, 13, 8
2019 – Junior World Cup, Calgary, CAN: 5, 9, 1
2019 – Junior World Cup, Park City, USA: 10, 4, 7, 4
2018 – Canadian Junior Championships, Whistler, CAN: 3
2018 – Canadian Youth Championships, Whistler, CAN: 1 (doubles), 3 (singles)
2018 – NorAm, Calgary, CAN: 1
2018 – NorAm, Whistler, CAN: 2
2018 – NorAm, Lake Placid, USA: 2


Past Results

2022/2023 Season

Feb. 4Altenberg World Cup12
Jan. 29Oberhof World Champs10
Jan. 28Oberhof U23 Championships4
Jan. 28Oberhof World Champs13
Jan. 27Oberhof World Champs14
Jan. 14Sigulda World Cup11
Jan. 7Sigulda World Cup11
Dec. 17Park City World Cup Sprint11
Dec. 16Park City World Cup15
Dec. 16Park City America Pacific Championships3
Dec. 10Whistler World Cup4

2021/2022 Season

Jan. 29Winterberg FIL Junior World Championships8
Jan. 29Winterberg FIL Junior World Championships5
Jan. 29Winterberg FIL Junior World Championships2
Jan. 2Winterberg Team Relay5
Jan. 1Winterberg World Cup (Doubles)13
Dec. 31 Canadian Championships (Doubles)2
Dec. 18Innsbruck World Cup (Doubles)17
Dec. 12Altenberg Team Relay6
Dec. 11Altenberg World Cup (Doubles)20
Dec. 5Sochi World Cup Sprint11
Dec. 4Sochi World Cup (Doubles)14
Dec. 4Sochi America Pacific Championships (Doubles)3
Nov. 27Sochi World Cup (Doubles)14
Nov. 20Yanqing World Cup (Doubles)8

2020/2021 Season

Feb. 14Whistler Jr. Canadian3
Feb. 14Whistler Jr. Canadian1
Dec. 12Whistler Canada Cup (Doubles)2
Dec. 5Whistler Canadian Championships3
Dec. 5Whistler Canadian Championships (Doubles)2

2019/2020 Season

Mar. 13Whistler Canadian Championships4
Mar. 13Whistler Jr. Canadian3
Jan. 11Altenberg World Cup (Doubles)13

2018/2019 Season

Mar. 14Whistler Jr. Canadian4
Mar. 3Calgary Youth Canadian Championships1
Mar. 3Calgary Youth Canadian Championships2
Feb. 9Winterberg Jr. World Cup16
Feb. 2Innsbruck FIL Junior World Championships21
Feb. 1Innsbruck FIL Junior World Championships16
Jan. 19St Moritz Jr. World Cup7
Jan. 18St Moritz Jr. World Cup13
Jan. 17St Moritz Jr. World Cup8
Dec. 15Calgary Jr. World Cup5
Dec. 14Calgary Jr. World Cup9
Dec. 14Calgary Jr. World Cup1
Dec. 7Park City Jr. World Cup10
Dec. 7Park City Jr. World Cup4
Dec. 5Park City Jr. World Cup7
Dec. 5Park City Jr. World Cup4