Luge Canada

Caitlin Nash

Women's Singles
Team National B Team
Birth Date:May 26, 2003
Hometown:Whistler, B.C.
Residence:Whistler, B.C.

The Olympic dream was sparked in a young Caitlin Nash when the world slid into her backyard for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. The seven-year-old was determined to hop on a sled after watching the world’s best blast down the Whistler Sliding Centre track for their training runs. It was the following year Caitlin finally got her shot while attending a recruitment camp. After taking one run down the track, she was hooked.

Caitlin progressed through the provincial pathway and became an official member of the NextGen team in 2018. A successful first season saw her finishing fifth overall in singles and first overall in doubles racing with Natalie Corless.

The duo made history in 2019 on their home track in Whistler, becoming the first women ever to compete in a World Cup race against the men. Caitlin recognizes this race as the most memorable moment of her career as it was a turning point for her personally and the sport as a whole.

Caitlin and Natalie were back making headlines a few weeks later when they teamed up to win the silver medal at the Youth Olympic Games in St. Moritz, SUI. They slid into the history books one more time in 2022 when they captured the bronze in women’s doubles at the World Cup in Park City.

Growing up in Whistler, B.C., Caitlin was incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by so many high-performance athletes. An extremely athletic child, Caitlin participated in many sports as possible. Her focus for nine years was soccer, but she also loved mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding and gymnastics. Did You Know…Caitlin’s favourite track is Winterberg for its balance of speed, technical elements and being able to let the sled run. She can bust out the Footloose routine with Trinity Ellis. Caitlin has watched the Elf movie 12 times. Outside of Luge…Caitlin still loves participating in these sports recreationally while also hanging out with friends, travelling and enjoying the beauty that Whistler has to offer. She graduated high school in 2021, and currently works for her dad’s company when time permits. Inspired by her parents, she would like to pursue a degree in business and own her own company. Caitlin is incredibly passionate about gender equity in sport. She is grateful for the women that came before her, and those who have paved the way for the next generation by defying gender stereotypes in their sports. She wants to use her platform to help promote equality and inspire girls to stay in sport.

Career Highlights

2023 – World Cup, Park City, USA: 3 (women’s doubles)
2020 – Youth Olympic Games, St. Moritz, SUI: 2 (doubles), 4 (singles)
2020 – Youth Canadian Championships, Whistler, CAN: 2 (singles), 1 (doubles)
2020 – Canadian Championships, Whistler, CAN: 4 (singles)
2020 – Junior World Championships, Oberhof, GER: 5 (singles), 15 (doubles)
2019 – World Cup, Whistler, CAN: 22 (doubles)
2019 – Junior World Cup, Igls, AUT: 5 (singles), 5 (singles), 6 (singles)
2019 – Overall Youth World Cup Champion: Women’s Doubles
2019 – Finished Fifth Overall in Youth World Cup Singles
2019 – Junior Canadian Championships, Whistler, CAN: 3 
2019 – Youth Canadian Championships, Calgary, CAN: 2 (singles), 1 (doubles)
2019 – Junior World Cup, Winterberg, GER: 4 (doubles)
2018 – Junior World Cup, Calgary, CAN: 1 (doubles), 5 (singles)
2018 – Junior World Cup, Park City, USA: 1 (doubles), 3 (singles), 1 (doubles)


Past Results

2022/2023 Season

Mar. 10Whistler Jr. Canadian5
Mar. 5Whistler Canadian Championships7
Feb. 4Altenberg World Cup23
Jan. 28Oberhof World Champs22
Jan. 28Oberhof U23 Championships11
Jan. 15Sigulda World Cup21
Jan. 7Sigulda World Cup22
Dec. 17Park City America Pacific Championships7
Dec. 17Park City World Cup22
Dec. 17Park City World Cup Sprint6
Dec. 16Park City World Cup3
Dec. 16Park City America Pacific Championships1
Dec. 10Whistler World Cup6
Dec. 9Whistler World Cup16

2021/2022 Season

Mar. 11Whistler Jr. Canadian2
Jan. 30Winterberg FIL World Championships6
Jan. 29Winterberg FIL Junior World Championships7
Jan. 29Winterberg FIL Junior World Championships5
Jan. 29Winterberg FIL Junior World Championships1
Jan. 28Winterberg FIL Junior World Championships7
Jan. 28Winterberg FIL Junior World Championships2

2020/2021 Season

Feb. 14Whistler Jr. Canadian5
Dec. 12Whistler Canada Cup5
Dec. 5Whistler Canadian Championships6

2019/2020 Season

Mar. 14Whistler Youth Canadian Championships2
Mar. 13Whistler Canadian Championships (Doubles)1
Mar. 13Whistler Jr. Canadian (Doubles)1
Mar. 13Whistler Canadian Championships4
Mar. 13Whistler Jr. Canadian4
Feb. 22Oberhof FIL Junior World Championships (Doubles)15
Feb. 22Oberhof FIL Junior World Championships5
Jan. 20St Moritz Youth Olympic Games4
Jan. 18St Moritz Youth Olympic Games2
Jan. 17St Moritz Youth Olympic Games4
Dec. 14Whistler World Cup (Doubles)22
Dec. 14Whistler America Pacific Championships (Doubles)3
Dec. 1Innsbruck Jr. World Cup9
Dec. 1Innsbruck Jr. World Cup5
Nov. 30Innsbruck Jr. World Cup5
Nov. 30Innsbruck Jr. World Cup6

2018/2019 Season

Mar. 14Whistler Jr. Canadian3
Mar. 3Calgary Youth Canadian Championships2
Mar. 3Calgary Youth Canadian Championships1
Feb. 9Winterberg Jr. World Cup4
Feb. 9Winterberg Jr. World Cup8
Feb. 2Innsbruck FIL Junior World Championships14
Feb. 2Innsbruck FIL Junior World Championships8
Feb. 1Innsbruck FIL Junior World Championships24
Dec. 14Calgary Jr. World Cup5
Dec. 14Calgary Jr. World Cup1
Dec. 7Park City Jr. World Cup4
Dec. 7Park City Jr. World Cup1
Dec. 5Park City Jr. World Cup3
Dec. 5Park City Jr. World Cup1