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Canada’s luge athletes are on the cusp of sliding into the Olympic history books.

Once content with wearing the national team jacket, Canada’s Senior and Junior World Cup Team athletes are now among the best in the world and accomplishing what was once the unthinkable - winning medals at all levels. 

The Canadian luge program was transformed thanks in large part to Canada hosting the 2010 Olympic Games. Now having access to multiple tracks to recruit, train and compete on at home, world-leading coaching and increased government funding have resulted in the Canucks making history by winning medals in all race disciplines. 

The next generation is also making their mark. A talented group of rising stars who have emerged on Canada’s west coast, and in Alberta, celebrated winning two medals at the Youth Olympic Games in 2016.

But the ultimate goal – winning the nation’s first Olympic luge medal – has not yet been achieved. 

While turning in its best Olympic performance ever in 2014, the Canadian Luge team left Sochi with three heartbreaking fourth place, and a fifth place finishes.  

Hungrier than ever before to finish the job, these great Canadian role models need your help to give them a final nudge they require to get onto the podium.

It’s our time to shine in 2018

We have the talent & determination to bring home Canada’s first ever Olympic Luge Medal. But we need your help. 

We’re looking for long-term partners to help us slide into the history books in 2018 and beyond. Here’s how your company can help make the difference for Luge Canada:

  • Coaching
  • Travel
  • Training
  • Equipment
  • Innovation
  • Athlete Development

When you partner with Luge Canada, you become an integral part of our community. Our Corporate Teammates help us to offset the cost of hiring additional coaches for on and off ice training, travel to international races and the purchase of aerodynamic and innovative equipment so we can keep pace with our competitors. 

Our talented sponsorship activation team is ready to customize a partnership with your company that will create amazing value and provide you with unique opportunities and experience. Contact us today for an in-person meeting & presentation:


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