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Officials Test

Complete the test below to update your certification as an Official. The answers are based on the IRO International Luge Regulations -Artifical Track- 2016 Edition (.pdf 1.42MB).  You must get all 21 questions correct in order to pass.  You may re-take the test as many times as you need.


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  1. The Sprint competition is optional during FIL World Championships (FIL WCh).
  2. For the OWG, FIL Championships and international competitions in General Class, athletes must have reached what birthday during the sport year?
  3. What is the maximum age in the year of the event that an athlete can participate in the U23 World Championships (U 23 WCh)?
  4. Seeded athletes have to participate on Nations Cup/Qualification to be eligible to participate at the World Cup?
  5. For the Sprint World Cup (SWC) the start has to be done in less time, within 20 seconds in singles and 35 seconds for doubles after the start release?
  6. In the Team Relay Competition, measurement of the Finish Touch Pad distance between the track and touch pad is?
  7. At a double Junior World Cup (JWC), only one grid race is staged for the first World Cup?
  8. During all official training runs and race runs of any FIL competition a race physician and an ambulance with one paramedic must always be in attendance.
  9. At FIL competitions, a sled may have as many as six commercial markings displayed on the bottom of the sled.
  10. At World Cup races during weigh-in a female judge must be present when weighing women and the women weigh-in with t-shirts and shorts.
  11. If an athlete crashes before the finish line and is able to paddle across the finish line in contact with his/her sled and trigger the finish line barrier then the athlete is considered to have successfully completed that run and is not disqualified.
  12. At FIL competitions, it is illegal to have advertising for alcohol at the sports venue.
  13. During a Junior World Cup, athletes must be offered 6 official training runs free of charge.
  14. At World Cup races during weigh-in of men a jury member or technical delegate must be present.
  15. At the completion of an FIL competition who fills out and distributes the race report?
  16. Officials with an International Judges License must officiate at a competition or attend repetitive training at least once within a five (5) year period or lose their International Judges License.
  17. The maximum weight for a singles sled in the General class is:
  18. What is the maximum gap between the runner and the steel?
  19. Tucking in the start number bib at the sides and shoulders is permitted;
  20. Results of the temperature check of the steels are entered in the official records in 1/10 degrees.
  21. The control steel temperature is negative 5 degrees C, the athlete’s sled steels can be greater than 0 degrees C.