Luge Canada

Colton Clarke

Events: Singles
Team Senior National Team
Birth Date:October 28, 2001
Hometown:Airdrie, Alta.
Residence:Airdrie, Alta.

Colton’s days are full balancing the difficult life of being a student-athlete – commuting between training and competing at Winsport’s Canada Olympic Park and attending school in the community he lives in Airdire, Alta.

His introduction to luge was presented under the Christmas tree one year when his mom gave him a gift to take a public luge run. Little did he know it was the foundation of his Olympic dream.

Hooked on the speed, technicality and adrenaline of the sport, he was encouraged to attend a summer training session and never looked back.

Colton proved there is a changing of the guard in the Canadian luge circles in 2018-19 when he captured the men’s Canadian Championship title, earning him a spot on Canada’s World Cup squad.

A high-achiever both on the track and in school, Colton is determined to achieve excellence in all that he does. He enjoys hanging out with friends and loves making people laugh.

Career Highlights

2018 – Canadian Championships, Whistler, CAN: 1

Past Results

2018/2019 Season

Mar. 14Whistler Jr. Canadian1
Feb. 2Innsbruck FIL Junior World Championships8
Feb. 1Innsbruck FIL Junior World Championships30
Jan. 19St Moritz Jr. World Cup7
Jan. 18St Moritz Jr. World Cup12
Dec. 15Calgary Jr. World Cup5
Dec. 7Calgary World Cup22
Oct. 20Whistler Canadian Championships1

2017/2018 Season

Feb. 15Calgary Jr. Canadian1
Feb. 4Altenberg FIL Junior World Championships13
Feb. 4Altenberg FIL Junior World Championships5
Jan. 21Winterberg Jr. World Cup6
Jan. 21Winterberg Jr. World Cup3
Jan. 14Innsbruck Jr. World Cup20
Jan. 12Innsbruck Jr. World Cup9
Dec. 16Konigssee Jr. World Cup10
Dec. 9Oberhof Jr. World Cup8
Dec. 8Oberhof Jr. World Cup5
Dec. 7Oberhof Jr. World Cup9
Oct. 14Calgary Canadian Championships5